Dogz on Parole is an incredible blend of the rawest 70’s punk rock, the sleaziest 80’s glam, and the straight-ahead rock and roll of the last 60 years, which somehow, keeps them timeless.

While the band has existed in various forms since 2008, the current line-up (together just one year) have developed a dedicated local Houston following, performing at venues like Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar, Notsuoh, Houston Live, and B.F.E., among many others.

Immediate plans are for the band to record a 5-song demo, accompanied by a full-on video production. Essentially, a documentary and a ‘live’ performance video all rolled into one.

Next on the list will be the recording of their next full-length release, stilluntitled, over the late summer and early fall.

In the meantime, keep checking back, like Dogz on Parole on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, like us on ReverbNation...all while juggling 3 kittens and eating an apple.

Dogz on Parole are back.

This time…we bite.

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